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Set of 4 assorted scented votive candles made with plant-based soy wax, essential oils, dried florals and lots of love, naturally!


Brilliance - Take a moment to savour life with Brilliance and its delicate yet invigorating aroma

Brightening | Calming | Uplifting 


Radiance - Appreciate the tangy freshness of Radiance and its delightful fruity scent 

Healing | Refreshing | Comforting


Luminescence - Give your home an inner glow with the lingering fragrance of fresh flowers

Soothing | Healing | Relaxing


Incandescence - Kindle Incandescence and let the zesty fragrance brighten your day

Calming | Invigorating | Healing



100 % Natural Soy Wax Hand-Poured Artisanal Candles

Assortment of 4 Scented Votives

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